Marshmallow Flavoured Chocolate Pots

Quick, easy and delicious, I simply had to buy and try the marshmallow flavoured cocoa that I stock to use in this recipe that I love.

Turned out absolutely delicious and I’m in love with it, it smells absolutely amazing and reminds me of the ‘Flamby’ pudding I loved buying as a child.

Marshmallow Flavoured Cocoa Chocolate Pots:


2 cups milk

1/2 cup sugar 

3 tbls marshmallow flavoured cocoa 

3 tbls cornflower


Put all ingredients in a pan. 

Whisk till smooth. 

Heat till thickened. 

Top with fresh cream mixed with a little marshmallow powdered flavour. 

Add a strawberry, marshmallows and some of our New York Hartines 

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